BioTEL News 2017

  • October 2017, Jessica and Dr. Kwon co-authored on a published review paper! Great work!
  • September 6th, Maggie did an excellent job on her qualifying exam and has advanced to candidacy. Congrats, Maggie!
  • May 26th, Julius receives third place for his poster in the NSF GRFP symposium. Congrats, Julius!
  • May 22nd, Dominique has been selected for the prestigious President’s Dissertation Year Fellowship. Congrats, Dominique!
  • April 5, Melissa has been selected as a DECADE PLUS mentor for the upcoming 2017/18 year. Congrats, Melissa!
  • April 3, Saad has become an officially permanent member of BioTEL! WelcomeSaad!
  • March 8, Julius is a fellow of the Chancellor’s Club! Article here! Please join me congratulating him on this prestigious recognition (as a gift to his birthday tomorrow). Congrats Julius!
  • January 24, Hoang is selected to be a 2016-2017 UROP fellow. Please join me congratulating her on the well-deserved award. Congrats Hoang!
  • January 1,  Happy New Year!! Let’s roll!!!

BioTEL News 2016

  • September 28, Dominique receives a prestigious Fletcher Jones Fellowship! Congrats, Dominique!!!
  • September 21, Julius’ review paper on stimuli-responsive nanoantibiotics has been accepted by Nano Convergence for publication. Good job, Julius!
  • September 19, Dominique’s paper on exosomes as potential therapeutic delivery carriers has been accepted for publication in Journal of Controlled Release. Please join me giving her a high five for a well-executed job. Congrats, Dominique!
  • August 15, It is my pleasure to welcome a new BioTEL member, Dr. Se Joon Woo. He is a clinical ophthalmologist from Seoul National University Bundang Hospital and he will be staying at least one year. Welcome to BioTEL Dr. Woo!!
  • August 6, Maggie is selected to receive a predoctoral training fellowship from the Center for Virus Research. This up to three-year support is given based on her research merit and achievements. Congrats, Maggie!
  • August 1, The manuscript that many of you worked together has finally been accepted for publication in ACS Nano, after many, long battles!  I hope to see more papers that are a result of large teamwork in the future. Congratulations to many of you!!!
  • June 13, Manuel has been selected to receive a 2016 Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) Fellowship! Congrats, Manuel!
  • June 1,  Dr. Seong Ho Jeong from Korea University Hospital in Guro (Seoul, Korea) has officially joined BioTEL. He is a plastic surgeon and came to the UCI’s surgery department last year and has transferred to Pharm Sci this year with an aim to learn basic science. Welcome to BioTEL Dr. Jeong!!
  • April 19, RePo Therapeutics, a business team that Julius put together on his research project, has won 2016 UCI Blackstone LaunchPad Competition!  Congrats, Julius and your team!!!
  • March 31, Julius has been selected to receive 2016-17 Whitaker International Program Fellowship grant. Congrats, Julius!!
  • March 29, Maggie is selected to receive an honorable mention by the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship program. Congrats, Maggie!!!
  • March 29, Melissa got a prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Congrats, Melissa!
  • March 29, Dominique got the first place prize in podium presentation at the Korea University and UCI Student Symposium on Bioengineering in Seoul, Korea earlier this week! She represented UCI and BioTEL with pride, enthusiasm, and honor. Congrats, Dominique!
  • March 22, Julius has been selected to receive some cash in support of his attendance to a conference. Congrats, Julius!
  • March 16, Julius’s Op-Ed on graduate education was published in the Sac Bee:…/soapbox/article66205287.html
  • February 17, Maggie has received the 3rd place award at the poster presentation on the ChEMS graduate visitation day! Congrats, Maggie! We know it’s just a start of many more!
  • January 26, Julius got the 1st place prize on the poster presentation at the Ewha-UCI joint symposium yesterday. Good job, Julius!
  • January 26, Dominique has become a Ph.D. candidate as of today! She did a wonderful job on the exam. Please join me congratulating her on achieving such an important milestone in her career!
  • January 13, Taylor and Zaki have been selected to receive an undergraduate research opportunity program (UROP) award! Please join me congratulating them and their mentors!!
  • January 1,  Welcome to the New Year!! Hopefully, it will be a enjoy and productive one!

BioTEL News 2015

  • November 19, Jessica is officially a Ph.D. candidate, as of today. She did a great job on her candidacy exam and the committee enthusiastically passed her! Please join in congratulating her on such an important milestone in her career path. Congrats, Jessica!
  • November 18, Congratulations to Julius on receiving a 2015-2016 Public Impact Distinguished Fellowship (…/fellow…/internal/public-impact.php). Keep up outstanding work, Julius!
  • October 24,  Jessica’s review paper on combination therapy has been accepted for publication in Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews. Congrats, Jessica!
  • September 30, Dominique has been selected to receive a 2015-2017 ARCS Scholar Award, a prestigious graduate recognition across the campus. Congratulations on the well deserved award!!
  • September 1, Welcome Dr. Soo-Young Yoon and Dr. Nae Yoon Lee as visiting scholars from South Korea, and Dr. Anthony Chaung as our new clinical fellow from CHOC. Welcome Drs!!
  • August 25, Young starts his sabbatical in South Korea, all the best Young!!
  • August 25, Congratulations Dr. Shirley Wong, she successfully defended her thesis!
  • August 24, Welcome Marina França Dias to BioTEL as our new visiting graduate research from Brazil! Welcome Marina!!
  • July 12, Shirley has accepted an offer from BD Bioscience and she will start there as a senior scientist! Please join me congratulating her on the exciting next journey in her life!
  • June 15, Anthony Raus has received a SURP this year! Congratulations, Anthony!!! Great job!!!
  • June 15, Congratulations to all of BioTEL graduating seniors, Byran, Bianca, and Jane!!! We wish you all the best in your future endeavors!!!
  • June 12, Julius passed his qualifying exam today! Now he is an official Ph.D. candidate! Congratulations, Julius!!!
  • June 2, Dominique got a honorable mention on her application for UCI Faculty Mentor Program. It was not just a mention but came with a cash prize! Congrats, Dominique!
  • May 7, A big Congrats to Young, he has been promoted to become a full professor, as of July 1, 2015!! Woo, congrats Young!!
  • March 18, Margaret has become an officially permanent member of BioTEL! Welcome, Margaret!
  • February 27,  A few congratulations are in order for Dominique. She has been selected for the CCCIP (California Community College Internship Program) as well as one of the few Pedagogical Fellows at UCI. Congrats Nikki!!
  • February 27, Welcome Dr. Soha Lee to BioTEL as our new visiting scholar!  Welcome Dr. Lee!!
  • February 24, Our most recent Dr. Cho becomes a research professor in Korea and today is her first day in the new position.
  • January 9, Congrats Zaki, on another UROP! Keep up the good work!!
  • January 5, Welcome Margaret, joining BioTEL for her winter rotation and Anthony as a new undergraduate researcher!!
  • January 1,  Welcome to the New Year!! Hopefully it will be a prosperous one!

BioTEL News 2014

  • December 22, Dr. Shin  leaves BioTEL and returns to South Korea, it has been wonderful having you with us!!
  • October 1, Dominique is selected for the 2014-2015 American Society for Microbiology (ASM) Science Teaching Fellows Program!! Congrats Dominique.
  • September 26, Julius  is awarded a DECADE travel grant, Congrats!!
  • August 13, Julius is selected as a PMSE Best Poster Award Winner at ACS Meeting in San Francisco, Congrats!!
  • July 31, Dr. Leo joins BioTEL as a visiting researcher, Welcome to BioTEL!!
  • July 30, Jane’s dedication to research and hard work have been recognized by the UROP as the researcher of the month! Please give her a high five and ask her for a bumper sticker “My friend is the researcher of the month at UCI” (kidding).
  • July 15, Shirley’s manuscript on synthesis of acid-responsive polypeptides has been accepted for publication in Journal of Polymer Science A. Great work, Shirley!
  • June 25, Julius’s review paper on “RNAi for Silencing Drug Resistance in Microbes toward Development of Nanoantibiotics” has been accepted by Journal of Controlled Release.  Great job!!
  • June 24, Mary Soliman and Shirley Wu leave BioTEL, It has been a pleasure have you both and you will be missed. Good Luck!!
  • June 23, Dr. Shin joins BioTEL as a Visiting Scholar, and Bryan Pham and Lee Miyauchi as undergrads, Welcome to BioTEL!!
  • June, 16, Congrats to  Jane Kim on being selected for the Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) at UCI
  • June 15, Congrats to recent BioTEL graduates: Julius and Dominique with their Masters. Mary and Shirley with their Bachelors.
  • April 12, Congrats to Shirley Wu for winning 2nd place in the Undergrad poster competition at the OCGWIS conference!!
  • February 18, Dr. Choel Am Hong joins BioTEL as a Post Doctoral Scholar, Welcome to BioTEL!!!
  • January 21, Congrats Zaki on receiving UROP!!
  • January 7, Jessica gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Lily! Congrats Jessica !!! We are hoping for your quick recovery and return!!
  • January 1, Welcome to the New Year!!!

BioTEL News 2013

  • December 11, Jang Il leaves BioTEL. It has been a pleasure to have you, Good luck on your future endeavors!!
  • December 9, Jessica goes on maternity leave, looking forward to your return!!
  • November 8, Shirley’s paper titled, “Synthetically designed peptide-based biomaterials with stimuli-responsive and membrane-active properties for biomedical applications”, has been accepted for publication in Journal of Materials Chemistry B. She has also been asked to submit an artwork to be considered for a cover page. Congratulations, Shirley!
  • October 10, Fall Group Activity, Mini Golf Competition, Congrats Daniel!
  • July 19, BioTEL Summer activity, Hiking Cottonwood Lakes
  • June 17, Zaki Molvi, soon to be a freshman in Chemical Engineering, joins BioTEL as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome, Zaki!
  • May 30, Soo successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation. Congratulations, Dr. Cho!
  • May 23, Julius received a California Institute of Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) training grant. Congratulations, Julius!
  • May 17, Jessica received Faculty Mentor Program fellowship. Congratulations, Jessica!
  • May 2, Shirley passed Ph.D. candidacy exam. Congratulations, Shirley!
  • April 3, Dominique received a National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship! Congratulations, Dominique!
  • March 29, Dominique and Julius received a prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship! Congratulations, Dominique and Julius!
  • March 28, Soo received a travel award from the American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy at its annual meeting in Salt Lake City in May 2013. Congratulations, Soo!
  • March 8, Dominique and Julius officially joined BioTEL as their permanent home for graduate studies. Welcome you both again!
  • January 2, Dominique Ingato, Candice Gellner, Zhenghao Li, and Beth Rousseau joined BioTEL for a first year rotation, Welcome you all!

BioTEL News 2008 – 2012


– November 17, Jessica‘s poster was selected as one of the two best presentations at the cancer center retreat in Palm Springs. Congrats, Jessica!
– 2012 Fall Group Party will be on November 3 (Saturday) in the Kwon residence (Jessica is in charge). All beloved ones of the group members are welcome!
– October 22, Dr. Jang-Il Kim joins BioTEL as a postdoctoral researcher. Welcome, Jang-Il!
– October 5, Soo‘s review paper on synthetically engineered viruses has been accepted by Current Opinion in Solid State & Materials Science for publication. Good job, Soo!
– October 1, Theodore Chang joins BioTEL as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome, Ted!
– September 15, Heather Wright and Daniel Fremgen joins BIoTEL for a lab rotation. Welcome, Heather and Daniel!  
– September 18, Mary Soliman joins BioTEL as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome, Mary!

– August 2, Jones joins the faculty of National University teaching chemistry. It was quite pleasure to have you for the past two years, Jones! All BioTELers wish you the best of luck!

– July 20, Charles joins Yale for his graduate study. It has been great to have you in BioTEL for 4 years. We wish you the best of luck at New Haven, Charles!

– July 19, Soo starts her maternal leave. We will see you in September with a baby. Take care, Soo!

– June 27, Julius Edson, an incoming Ph.D. student in Chemical Engineering, joins BioTEL. Welcome, Julius!

– June 25, Changho Chun, an incoming Ph.D. student in Chemical Engineering, joins BioTEL. Welcome, Changho!

– May 1, Jessica Kemp, an incoming Ph.D. student in Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology (MCP) Progam, joins BioTEL. Welcome, Jessica!

– April 16, Tracy Ly, a high school intern in BioTEL, was selected to be the 1st place prize winner in pharmacology at the Orange County Science and Engineering Fair. Congratulations, Tracy!

– March 30, Jane Kim, a former participant in the summer research program for high school students in BioTEL, claimed BioTEL as her undergraduate research home. Welcome back, Jane!

– March 26, Nini Huang, a first year CMB student, joins BioTEL for lab rotations in Spring quarter. Welcome, Nini!

– March 14, Sid Selvasekar joined BioTEL as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome, Sid!

– February 24, Jones became a daddy! His first son, Zachary Ethan Tsai came to the world. Congratulations, Angie and Jones!

– February 7, Chris Blair, a first year MCP student, joined BioTEL for lab rotations in Winter and Spring quarter. Welcome, Chris!
– January 30, Chris Dang joined BioTEL as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome, Chris!
– January 28, There will be group beach party next week Wednesday (Feb 1) in Corona Del Mar State Beach. Please contact Soo for details.

– January 12, Shirley and Min Suk‘s review paper on siRNA formulation has been accepted by Drug Discovery Today Technologies for publication. Congratulations! – January 9, Soo‘s paper on chimeric nanoparticles has been accepted by Biomaterials for publication. Way to go, Soo!

– January 9, Thuy Luu and Ralph Ang joined BioTEL for lab rotation and undergraduate research. Welcome, Thuy and Ralph! We are happy to have you both!



– August 31, Chang Soo departed BioTEL to join Vincent Rotello’s Lab at UMass Amherst as a postdoc. Goo luck with future endeavors, Chang Soo!– June 29, Dr. Huh‘s review paper on nanoantibiotics has been accepted for publication in Journal of Controlled Release. Congratulations, Dr. Huh! – June 11, Shirley has received an outstanding TA award from Pharmaceutical Sciences for her distinctive efforts in teaching/assisting undergraduates in classrooms and labs. Congratulations, Shirley!- April 21, It was announced that Dr. Kwon will be promoted to an associate professor with tenure as of July 1, 2011. This milestone in his career could not have been possible without outstanding contributions from all BioTELers!- April 19, Tracy, a colleague from Godnez High School, Santa Ana, received the 2nd place in the Senior Division, a special award from Beckman Coulter, and a special award from the American Association for Clinical Chemistry at the Orange County Science and Engineering Fair. Congratulations, Tracy!

– March 1, Soo passed qualifying exam and became a Ph.D. candidate. Good job, Soo! There will be a party to celebrate this exciting achievement later today.

– February 25, Min Suk, the very first Ph.D. from BioTEL, departed to St. Louis to join Younan Xia’s Group as a postdoc. All BioTELers wish you the best of luck, Min Suk! Keep us proud of you.

– February 18, Dr. Ae Jung Huh returned to Korea to continue practice medicine in infectious diseases after a one yer research in BioTEL. All BioTELers will miss you a lot and wish you the best of luck, Dr. Huh!

– January 25, Min Suk‘s manuscript on dual mode degradable polyspermine has been accepted for publication in Biomaterials! Good job, Min Suk!

– January 23, Shirley‘s wok on semi-artificial retroviruses has been accepted for publication in Bioconjugate Chemistry! Great start, Shirley!- January 12, Dr. Kwon has been selected as a recipient of Medical Research Award by Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research (!


– December 8, Soo‘s paper has been accepted by Journal of Controlled Release for publication. Congratulations, Soo!

– December 5, Year-wrapping party (combined with celebration party for Chang Soo)

When: 5pm on Dec 11 (Saturday)
Where: Kwon residence
Coordinator: Min Suk

– November 22, Chang Soo successfully defended his Ph.D. work. Congratulations, Dr. Kim! We will celebrate together this big milestone in his life.

– November 11, Shirley’s poster was selected as one of the top three papers at the AIChE Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City. Congratulations, Shirley! Good Job!

– October 11, Min Suk successfully defended his disseration. Congratulations, Dr. Shim! There will be a fall lab party, also together congratulating Min Suk’s achievement, in the Kwon residence on October 15 at 3pm.

– September 28, Min Suk‘s paper on ketalized linear PEI for siRNA delivery has been selected one of the thematic collection paper by Bioconjugate Chemistry. Congratulations, Min Suk!

– August 20, Min Suk‘s review manuscript on siRNA delivery in vivo has been accepted for publication in FEBS Journal. Congratulations, Min Suk!

– July 8, Chang Soo‘s manuscript has been accepted for publication in Biomedical Optics Express. Congratulations, Chang Soo!

– July 1, Dr. Jones Tsai joins BioTEL as a postdoctoral reseacher. Welcome, Dr. Tsai!

– June 30, Justin Lussier and Kellie Komoda, both Pharm Sci undergraduates, joins BioTEL. Welcome, Justin and Kellie!

– June 8, Joshua Wang receives a SURP (summer undergraduate research program) award. Congratulations, Joshua!

– May 24, a manuscript of Min Suk and Chang Soo has been accepted for publication in Journal of the American Chemical Society. Good job and congratulations, Min Suk and Chang Soo!

– May 10, A prestigious National Science Foundation (NSF) Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) award has been made to the BIoTEL! It’s a remarkable team achievement. Let’s continue on high quality work!

– April 1, 2010 BioTEL Spring Hiking/Dinner

When: April 24th
Where: Crystal Cove

Please talk to Yoon for more detailed information.

– March 1, Dr. Ae-Jung Huh joins BioTEL as a visiting scholar for one year. Welcome, Dr. Huh!

– February 15, Min Suk‘s manuscript on AFM studies on polyplexes, with Regina Ragan’s group, has been accepted for publication in Microscopy Research and Technique. Congratulations, Min Suk!

– January 26, Yoon‘s manuscript on separating nucleic acids using degradable polyacrylamide gel has been accepted for publication in Electrophoreis. Good Job, Yoon!

– January 8, Min Suk‘s manuscript on novel polypeptides for gene delivery has been accepted for publication in Biomaterials. Good Job, Min Suk!

– January 4, Haley Phan, a chemistry undergraduate, joins BioTEL. Welcome, Haley!

– January 4, Xiaofeng Liang, a first year MSE Ph.D. student, joins BioTEL for lab rotation. Welcome, Xiaofeng!


– December 15, Joseph Lian joins BioTEL for undergraduate research. Welcome, Joe!

– December 10, Christine Munoz joins BioTEL. Welcome, Christine!

– December 3, Yoon has received a Graduate Student Research & Travel Grant from the Henry Samueli School of Engineering. Congratulations, Yoon!

– September 17, Welcome back everyone to another exciting year! Group meeting schedule for fall 2009 has been posted.

– July 29, Yoon‘s recent paper was published in Proteomics with highlight by the editor. Good job, Yoon!

– June 5, Charles has been selected to be a SURP Fellow for Summer 2009. Congratulations, Charles!

– April 20,  Yoon‘s paper on isolating intact proteins from polyacrylamide gel has been accepted by Proteomics, one of the top journals in proteomics and related technologies. Congratulations, Yoon!

– March 16, Chang Soo‘s manuscript on enhanced delivery of gold nanoparticles via multi-modal delivery has been accepted for publication by the Journal of Biomedical Optics. Congratulations, Chang Soo!

– March 11, Steven Lam has been selected as one of the Henry Samueli School of Engineering Fellowship for Undergraduates recipients. Congratulations, Steve!

– February 14, Chang Soo‘s first baby (Valentine’s girl) is finally arrived. Her name is Charissa (Chae-Eun in Korean). Congratulations, Chang Soo!

– January 9, Min Suk‘s third manuscript has been accepted for publication by Bioconjugate Chemistry. Congratulations, Min Suk!


– December 12, the wrapping up group meeting in 2008

When: December 16 (Tuesday) 6:30pm

Where: The Kwon residence

Contact Yoon for more information.

– December 1, Dr. Seong Sil Chang, Assistant Project Researcher, joins the BioTEL. Welcome Dr. Chang!

– November  10, Charles Xue, a freshman in Biomedical Engineering joins the BioTEL for undergraduate research. Welcome Charles!

– October 10, Tamara Mcbride, a sophomore in Bio Sci, and Matthew Coblyn, a first year ChEMS Ph.D. student, join the BioTEL for undergraduate research and a lab rotation, respectively. Welcome Tamara and Matthew!

– October 2, Min Suk‘s manuscript on controlling intacellular pathways of DNA and RNA particles using differentially ketalized PEI was accepted for publication in the Journal of Controlled Release! Congrats, Min Suk!

– October 1, Joshua Wang from Northwood High joins the BioTEL to experience real research and test his interests in science for his career. Welcome Joshua! We hope you enjoy the life in the BioTEL 🙂

– October 1, Temporary change of the group meeting to Oct 2nd

Group meeting for Sep 30th was changed to Oct 2nd (MIn Suk)

– September 30, Group meetings 

Tue 6:30-8:00pm for the fall 2008 (Engineering Tower 918)

– September 17: 2008 Fall Kick Off BioTEL Party 

When: September 27 (Saturday) starting noon until everyone gets tired

Where: the Kwon residence

Who: All BioTELers and their beloved ones

Contact Yoon for head counts and food.

– September 15, Soo Kyung Cho from Korea joins the BioTEL and pursue her Ph.D. in nonviral gene delivery. She is an experienced researcher in living polymerization.  Welcome Soo!

– July 15, 2008: Congratulation Min Suk! His paper on ketalized PEI was recognized by the American Chemical Society as the 2nd most accessed article (among 20 most accessed articles) fromBiomacromolecules during the first quarter of 2008!

– July 14, 2008: The group fun night for summer on July 16 (Wednesday).

5:30pm                   Heading to “Island” (Culver and Barranca)
6:00-7:00pm            Dinner at Island
7:10pm –                 Movie at Starplex Cinema, Woodbridge

Contact Yoon for more information.